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I get caught by a Hotel Guest and have to Pay the Price

> > The year is 2169. The two of you are on a trip, the woman's attire will be a dark pair of sheer pantyhose, nothing on underneath, a skirt that shows some nice leg and a pair of dark sandal pumps. Her clothing on the upper region will be a blouse that shows just enough to attract attention but not so much that anything beyond acceptability is visible. Her perfume light and her sensuality totally addictive. In short, she is dressed to capture the attention of anyone and everyone.
> >
> > It was the end of my shift at the hotel. You where having problem with your shower head and being part of hotel maintenance I was initially dispatched to your room to check on your problem. As I entered your room nothing was out of place. I make my way to the bathroom and on the floor rolled up in a nice ball are a pair of your worn panties and dark sheer pantyhose that you obviously where wearing the day before. As I gaze down at them, thoughts run through my mind, as I have an addiction for woman in sheer lingerie and often find myself drawn to woman's undergarments, especially those that have just been worn by a woman. I bend down and pick up the ball raising it to my face. I begin to fall under the trance of your scent as I inhale deeply as the ball gets closer and closer to my face. With each inch that closes the gap, the scent becomes more captivating. I place it firmly against my nose and breath deeply. Your scent is now part of my being, engraved deeply in my memory for all time. Your scent now is the only thing on my mind. I unroll the pantyhose and am greeted with your dark sheer panties. I unfold them and see that they where worn the day before and clinging to the crotch of your dark, sheer, captivating panties is your scent. So distinctively yours and totally entrancing. I turn them inside out and bring them to my nose as I inhale even deeper than before. My other hand is now massaging my cock as it begins to spring to life beneath my work clothes. I unzip the front giving me easier access and with that, I bring your pantyhose to my cock and start rubbing back and forth. The sheer fabric adds to the sensuality of the moment and my cock springs to attention. As I begin to get into the moment, I look up and in the mirror, I see the two of you standing behind me watching my actions. I now find myself holding your panties to my nose and your pantyhose to my now quite stimulated cock. I pull them away and begin to hand them back to you, when I am told, "We don't want them now"
> >
> > Oh, my god, I have been caught, how did I ever forget to lock the door and put the safety bar on. I'm going to be humiliated, I'm going to lose my job, I'm going to be the laughing stock of the town if word gets out. As I turn around attempting to pull up my pants, I hear you say, don't bother. I attempt to say something and nothing comes out of my mouth but a mere babble as the two of you look at one another in a way that I am unable to read. You don't seam upset, you don't appear angry, instead you appear interested and wanting more. Initially unknown to me, the two of you are Dominant and submissive and this is something that you both see as an opportunity to Dominate someone else, something that you have talked about before. You ask me what my work schedule is for the day, I reply that you where my last stop before leaving. for the day. You ask me if anyone will follow up on my initial call, I say no, not unless you call the desk and complain again. The two of you smile at one another and in unison tell me to strip.
> >
> > I can't believe what I have just heard. As I stand before the two of you, I hear the following. "We won't say it again, STRIP". With that demand, I drop the panties and pantyhose to the floor and begin removing my clothes as I do this the Master gets behind his submissive and begins to fondle her beautiful breasts first, She leans back against him and his hands work there way down her body until he is met by her skirt. He follows that down and than raises it to allow his hand access to the waistband of his wife's pantyhose. He pulls the waistband away and slips his hand beneath it as he continues his journey to her beautiful and now dripping pussy. He inserts a finger and as she gasps in appreciation for his actions, I hear her say, we always wanted a submissive slut like you. I can't believe what I have just heard and as I am about to speak, she repeats it again. "We always wanted a submissive slut like you" I look at her and say, I'm not a submissive slut. She smiles back at me and says, you are if you want to keep your job, or do I call Hotel management. I'm stuck, I'm there's for however long they want.
> >
> > Master makes his way over to a chair and his lady sits on his lap as she continues to become more and more aroused at what is possibly beginning to unfold. Now standing before the two of you stripped, I am told how things are going to be. I am told that since I obviously enjoy your lingerie, I will be able to enjoy it but not as I had initially thought. I am told that I am to be submissive to the two of you, I am told that things will ultimately change me from your bad little male maintenance guy to your slutty little female slave. I have already given into the thought of possibly being able to save this and now am just going with the initial requests. Once you see that I have become submissive to your desires, the lovely lady gets up and goes to the refrigerator where she removes from it what appears to be OJ. She brings it to me and tells me to drink it. I bring it to my lips and do as requested and find myself drinking it down with huger. The two of you smile for you know that from now on, the change is inevitable.
> >
> > You have me sit on the bed nude and I do as requested. The lady gets up and sits next to me, crossing her beautiful stockinged legs and making herself visible to me. I look down and you see me observing your legs as you run your hand back and forth over it. Knowing that I am now captivated you proceed to inform me that the OJ was actually a drug, it is a drug that will initially boost my interest in what ever you two may want me to partake in and ultimately, when I climax inside of a woman, I will be changed into a slutty little submissive girl for ever. I can't believe what I have just heard but I am not moving, instead, you reach forward and grasp my hand as you place it on your stockinged thigh. I feel the sheerness of your pantyhose, the heat coming from you, you look at me and say, you want this don't you.
> >
> > I attempt to refuse but the drug has already begun to take effect, I can't and with that, you bend down and we kiss passionately. You are handed a pair of pantyhose and a bra. You move around the back of me and help me put on the bra and once on and adjusted, you move away and look at it. You shape the breasts like yours and have me caress first yours than mine and you ask me how I like and if they appear the same. I answer that they are close and you smile. Next you raise your skirt and show me your dripping pussy. I look on in amazement and you tell me to feel you. I do as requested and my hand becomes saturated, you tell me to taste you. Taste the nectar that is so uniquely yours. I do as requested and find myself more addicted and even more captivated by your scent and taste, wanting even more. You smile because now the drug is in full swing. You get up and help me to put on the pantyhose and once they are on, you have me stand up. I do and you stand beside me, telling Master how slutty I look. I smile because I am yours.
> >
> > You now lay down on the bed and have me service you while dressed in matching lingerie, first I am made to kiss your stockinged feet, next massage your leg, up your body over your beautiful pussy lips and of course your beautiful rosebud. You see me stopping at these two places and ask me if I like. I say yes and with that, you raise yourself up lower the pantyhose and lay on your stomach. You reach back and pull apart your beautiful cheeks , showing me your rosebud. You look over at me and say, to kiss it. I slowly begin to bend down and am soon tracing the outer rim, followed by the inner rim and without any hesitation, soon have my tongue berried deep inside of your rosebud. Once my tongue penetrates your hole, you let go of your cheeks, blocking all light as your beautiful but cheeks pull me in even deeper as I dive my tongue deep inside of your rosebud. The captivation of me and the pleasure received by you is evident that we are on the right path.
> >
> > You turn over and ask me if I am a slut and I respond yes I am. You ask me if I am your slut, again I respond, yes I am. The drug has taken full control of me now. You ask me if I want to be a slut to you. Without hesitation, I respond yes and only you. You both smile because it is at this point that the fun begins.
> >
> > You position me on the bed, laying down face up, all dressed like a little slut.. You climb on the bed, your sheer pantyhose encasing your beautiful legs you bring one foot to one side of my head and than the other one to the other side. As I gaze up your stocking covered legs, into your dripping pussy, I see you lowering yourself onto me. Closer and closer your lips come as you lower yourself and finally I am licking at the puffiness of your beautiful lips. I have not moved and simply gaze into your beauty. You like what you see don't you slut? I respond yes and with that you tell me that you are going to have me lick your dripping pussy until you cum. I can't believe my ears and you grant me one more look before your beautiful pussy blocks out all light, air and sound. I'm too drawn to your scent to want anything else but to have your pussy lips available to me so I dive in with my extended tongue as you settle your beautiful lips over my face. As I probe deep inside of you with my tongue, you moan in pleasure as you move back and forth, in short humping my face. When you have become stimulated enough and are at a new peak, Master comes over and slides his cock into your dripping pussy, as I lick beneath. He pumps in and out while I lick at the point of union making your stimulation even more intense. You rub back and forth on my now quite enlarged cock and suck on it lightly as you tell me that ultimately, I will become your female slut lover I dive my tongue deep inside you, along side of Masters piston driving cock. The waves of pleasure race through you as you enjoy yourself. As Master gets ready to cum, I am informed that I can stay and enjoy your mixed cum or I can move. I am too drawn to your scent to do anything else but keep licking. As Master fills you with his cum, I'm there to make sure that you are cleaned out.

Once spent you roll over and call me up to you, we move close and you tell me that I have been a total slut. I can't believe what I am hearing and you follow up with the statement that this is fine providing that we all enjoy the transformation. You begin to tell me about the toys that bad little boys that want to become slutty little girls have to play with. We discuss panties, pantyhose, bra's, lingerie, perfume and a couple of others, all of which I have partaken in and enjoyed. Than you tell me about the anal probe. You tell me that bad little boys that are going to become slutty little girls have to partake in anal entry with the use of a device while eating out a woman's dripping pussy, rimming her or if the slutty little boy wants the woman to use a strap on, has to suck on the Master. I can't believe it, am I hearing what I think I am hearing. With that last statement you lay down and say, honey there is some more that you also have to do.

I look on as you lay down and spread your legs wide open. your stockinged legs, shimmering in the light. You tell me it is time. Time for what I say. You inform me that it is time for me to make my decision. You inform me that I have been a slutty little girl today and than you follow it up by saying that now the decision is ultimately mine. What decisioni I ask. You inform me that the drug that I took, will ultimately change me from a man into a woman if I climax inside of a woman. You inform me that you will attempt to do everything in your power to encourage me on once I begin and than you stop. You look at me and say that I have been such a good partner that while you shouldn't be telling me this, if I leave now, I can be saved and remain a man, however if I continue, and climax inside of you, the drug will ultimately change me into a female slut, a slut slave who has hunger for only the two of you. I can't believe what I am hearing and it is at that moment that the Master walks up to me and from behind whispers to me. She's so hot isn't she. Just look at those beautiful legs, look at that sweet pussy you enjoyed, look at those beautiful breasts that you are going to suck on as you slide into her. That beautiful body that you will be able to have when ever you want. You are willing to give that all away, you are willing to walk away from that because if you don't continue, there will be no further involvement and the drug will ultimately become inactive. The drug only lasts 24 hours and it is within that time that you have to complete the task. You said that you wanted to be our little slut, you seamed to enjoy pleasuring the both of us, you appeared to enjoy having her sit on your face while you licked her pussy and rimmed her beautiful rosebud. You're not going to give that up are you?

I waited a second and than looking into your eyes and ask you the following question. Do you want me to become your little slutty Marie? You answer yes and it is with that answer that I move forward and slide my cock into your pussy. The heat, the sensation, the stimulation all in anticipation for the final decision I will make as a man before I turn into a slutty little girl, your slutty little slave girl Marie.

As I enter you, you encourage me on, you begin to tell me how much I'm going to enjoy being your little slut, how much I'm going to enjoy being a total slutty little girl. As I approach, you look at me and say, it's still time, you can change your mind. If you kiss me, I will not let go and you will have to become my little slut slave girl for ever. With that statement, I bend down and kiss you passionately as you hold on to me wrapping your stockinged legs around me drawing me even further inside of your warm depths of your sexuality. I erupt deep inside of you and you look at me and say, you Marie are now our total slut.

As I get up, you tell me, now as a slut, I have to do more for you. I look at you and listen as you tell me that I now have to work my hand inside of the pussy that I just exploded in. You inform me that one of the things that you truly enjoy is being fisted and with that, you tell me that bad little girls always have to fist fuck the dominant submissive woman, especially if they are more mature than the individual. I slide my hand back at your pussy and it is very slimy from the massive orgasms that I have provided to you. As I push the lips aside, I get the front of my fingers deep inside. I move from side to side as I get over the thumb and knuckle and than once in, it's just a little further on the push and now my whole hand is inside of your warm depths. You are enjoying yourself immensely as wave after wave of climactic bliss race over and through your body. You climax with an intensity like never before. As you cum down from your orgasm, I remove my hand and you grasp onto my wrist and pull it up to your face. I watch as you begin to lick the tips of your fingers. The juices are wonderful and you simply have to enjoy them. As I look on, I lick the other side and you say to me, you are truly a little slutty girl, aren't you. I reply yes and we both continue licking before passionately kissing.

At this time, I have to get up as I have to go pay my respects to the rest room and as you see me getting up, you say wait. I freeze in place and you race toward the bathroom, your sheer stockings covered in cum that has dripped down from your quite pleased pussy lips. You get into the bath tub and tell me to pee on you. I can't believe what I have heard and you say, bad little girls always piss on the older woman, that is just the way it is. Now that I was a slutty little girl, I knew that it had to be done.


Hypno Mind Party

Chapter 1: research

I am not one of those hard driven newswomen. You know the type that you see in movies, investigating breaking stories and bringing down conspiracies. Maybe I used to be, during my student press days, but now I'm simply a society reporter. I report on what local celebrity has been at what party. Last week I did a feature on what the local weatherman did when he wanted to find a girlfriend.

He hit on me constantly during that piece.

This of course is not why I diligently stuck in print journalism. I have the looks to do television. Maybe I'd have to loose the glasses, but overall I could pull it off. But I thought that there was still the agenda driven reporting going on at papers. And there is, it's just I haven't been able to get to do it.

I'm okay with that though. I enjoy what I do for the most part, and I work with a great staff. I have enough time to have a social life, and I could conceivably even have a family without disrupting my work. Plus I've become something of a local celebrity myself. The fame doesn't really matter to me, but it does put me in a good bargaining position come contract time.

Today however I'm on a hot case, given to me by the managing editor himself.

"April, get on this story. Here is Boston's most eligible bachelor and he has these Hypno Parties. Find out what they are and who is all going to them."

Okay so it wasn't exactly corruption, scandal and the rest of it, but it was sort of exciting to actually have to investigate something. My first stop was the business desk, to learn a little bit about the reclusive Frank Adler.

"Not much to know really." Said Terry who is the paper's business editor. "He made a lot of money in stocks. He doesn't really own anything but stocks. He just makes smart stock moves. Some very obvious, like Microsoft, some not so obvious. He's been on and off the Forbes 500 list the past few years. He doesn't do interviews and he doesn't really do anything. No outlandish hobbies. He just is."

"So like he's Bill Gates rich then?"

"No, nowhere close. Oh I mean he could buy this paper with his pocket change, sure. But he's not exactly among the most powerful men in America. He just makes good stock choices."

I asked him if he'd heard anything about these Hypno Parties.

"Sorry. That sounds more like your beat. Try to see if Kevin Holmes knows. He's the broker that does most of the trades for Adler. He's the only one I can think of who actually knows him."

So I went to see Holmes.

"Hypno Parties. Yes I sort of know what you're referring to. I'm afraid I can't comment, swore to secrecy you know. Nothing sinister of course, just a bit of harmless fun."

"Well can I talk to Mr. Adler about them?" I asked.

"What do I look like his secretary? I'm sorry, that was rude. I realize he can be a hard man to track down. How about this, you can come as my date to the next one. It's Saturday."

"Umm... well I'd like to know a bit about them before I go. I mean they sound somewhat involved."

"Yes, they do don't they. Well good luck then. I've got clients to see."

Why was I hesitating? I should just jump at the chance.

"Okay, I'll go."

"Great. Here's Mr. Adler's address. Take a taxi there Saturday. The party begins at nine o'clock. Wear something suitable; it's a high class affair. Your power suit isn't going to fit in."

I thanked Homes and left the office.

That night I researched hypnosis. I found a stage hypnotist named Travis Trance on the Internet and gave her a call to ask some questions. She invite me to her home to teach me about hypnosis.

His home was, essentially a trailer on the edge of town.

"Stage hypnosis doesn't pay as much as you'd figure. I should get into for profit web sites. Do hypnotic domination, that's where the money is. But as it is I travel a lot and so I don't keep this place up the way I should." He explained when I arrived.

He was a young polite man, with jet-black hair and pale skin. He explained that he'd dropped out of university months before completing his masters' degree in psychology.

"I wasn't going to pass anyway. But I was excellent at this. A good bedside manner is all I need for this. None of that book learning."

I explained to him about the Hypno Parties and asked him to explain what they would be.

"I don't know. That's sort of a vague description."

He offered me a seat in a lazy boy chair.

"Well then what can you tell me about hypnosis?"

"Not much. I mean realistically there is so much science doesn't know about it. We know more about how it works, than why it works. It's simply an altered state. We go into these states all the time. Reading a book you might notice everything happens to disappear, until it's just you and that book. That's a hypnotic trance of sorts. When you're driving, the lines on the highway can put you into a trance state, truckers experience that a lot. Watching television is trance state. You accept things more willingly. Your critical mind shuts down and you just accept what you see on the screen."

"Okay, but that's different from the old, you are getting sleepy routine."

He nodded, "Oh sure. Yeah but not that different. It's the same principal. Really in those other instances your mind and your imagination are being engaged. The only difference with hypnosis is that someone is actively directing your mind and your imagination. They use it to play tricks on you, via your mind."

"What does hypnosis feel like?"

"Well that's hard to say. Some people are highly suggestible, and they won't remember a thing. Others remember everything but only as sort of a strange waking dream. It's really a personal experience."

"Okay, but say you hypnotize me to strip. Will I realize that?"

"Yes, if I don't hypnotize you to forget that you should remember."

"How would that feel?"

"Well I think you'd rationalize your actions. If you took off all of your clothes your say to yourself, 'Well normally I wouldn't take off all of my clothes in front of a stranger but he's been so nice to me.' Or you'd think, 'Well I'd keep these clothes on but they're awfully tight and I'm getting so warm.'"

"And if I tried to resist?"

"Well it is possible that you could resist. But what most likely would happen is that you just wouldn't feel quite right until you've completed your task. Something would feel off, and it would annoy you to no end. Once you removed your clothes then you'd feel at calm and at peace."

I nodded.

"Can someone be hypnotized against their will?"

"That's not really known. And it's not really known if people can be forced to do things they normally wouldn't do. Like have a vegetarian eat meat for example. Tricking the vegetarian into believing what they're eating was not meat, but say a carrot could do it. But whether a hypnotist could actually go, 'Eat this meat now!' is up for debate."

"Why, I mean obviously someone has tried it."

"It's so hard to judge. In a clinical setting using the example of the vegetarian you wouldn't get any volunteers for the experiment who would be absolutely against eating meat because the success of the experiment would mean that they would eat meat. You might get people who prefer not to eat meat, but a part of them may still miss it or they're not dead set against it."

"How about outside a study sort of setting?"

"Well then it's hard to quantify. Sure there's stories. But reality? Who knows. If I were to hypnotize you to strip, for example, and you did was it because I hypnotized you to or because by hypnotizing you I let a part of you that wanted to act out?"

"Can anyone be hypnotized?" I asked.

"Given enough time yes. Not everyone can be hypnotized the same way, so that's why in say a stage setting I send back about one third of the volunteers who come up on stage. They would simply take longer, or require a different method."

"Could you hypnotize someone without their knowing?"

"Yes. Remember we're hypnotized by ourselves and our environments without our knowing every day."

"Okay I think that's all the questions I have."

"Do you want me to hypnotize you?" he asked.

I hesitated. I am the sort of person who doesn't want to give up control. This was the ultimate in giving up control. Hypnosis would be far worse than being drunk, or high. But then again I'd be faced with it on Saturday.

"Okay. But no watches or anything."

"That sounds agreeable. Take off your shoes and remove your jacket. Just put them on the floor beside the chair. That's good. You follow instructions so well, you know that."

"Gee thanks." I said.

"Just close your eyes for me please."

"I thought you were supposed to go, you are getting sleepy and your eyelids are getting heavy."

"I could, but this will be so much more pleasant and relaxing for you. Just close your eyes and listen to my voice. Take a deep breath and relax your body. Let all the tension just drift out as you listen to my voice. I want you to picture in your mind the most relaxing place you have ever been. Somewhere you felt totally at peace, at ease and comfortable. Somewhere that you can allow your cares and troubles to just drift away, as you relax back into the chair."

I pictured myself laying in my bathtub. He asked me what I saw and I told him.

"Is there bubbles?"

"Yes, lots of them."

"What can you see as you lay comfortably in your bathtub, totally relaxed and at peace."

"The shower head from my shower."

"Good. That's very good. Now focus on that for a little while. Notice how many holes it has to let the water out. Notice who it shines gently in the light. Just let yourself relax and focus on it. Describe it to me, how many holes does it have?''

"Twenty-five." Which surprised me because I had never counted it. But later when I got home and did count it I realized that it did indeed have twenty-five holes.

"Is there anything else you notice about it?"

"It's silver. It has watermarks on it. Where it meets the wall of the shower there is some mold." I could actually see all of this quite clearly. It was amazing. I heard myself speaking, though I wasn't really thinking about what I was saying. My voice was low, and relaxed.

"Excellent. Now let your mind go blank, as you listen to my voice. I want you to think of another place, years ago you felt so peaceful and relaxed. A place where you had no worries, no stress just tender relaxation. Can you see this place now?"


"Can you see yourself there?"


"Very good, you are very good at using your imagination. Now where are you, where you felt so good and so relaxed?"

"The beach."

"Excellent. You are on the beach. Describe the beach to me."

"It has white sand, and I'm laying on it, not a towel. The sand is warm beneath me, and the sun is warm above me, on me."

"Very good. So your body is totally warm, and totally relaxed. What are you wearing?"

"Nothing. It's a nude beach in the South of France."

"Very good, so you can feel the warm relaxing sand on your back, on your bum and even touching your vagina. You can feel the warm relaxing sun on your arms, legs and face. You can feel the sun on your breasts, on your stomach and also on your vagina. How old are you?"

"Nineteen, I just left high school."

"Excellent. You are doing so well, it so nice to be nineteen isn't it? Such an easy and relaxing age."

And I was nineteen. I actually somehow believed I was nineteen. I had never worked at a newspaper, went to college or slept with most of the men I've slept with in my life. I was just on the beach with not a care in my head. I could feel the sand between my toes, smell the salt in the air and actually feel the warmth of the sun on my breasts.

"Can you hear the ocean from where you are?"


"Good, why don't you just relax a moment. Let the sun take you deeper and deeper. Listen to the waves, and let yourself relax totally and completely."

I'm not sure how long her paused for. It could have been a minute it could have been a few hours. I just felt totally at peace, listening to the ocean and soaking up the sun.

"Good, now just let the sand, sun and water relax you even more. Every breath you take you breath in warmth, relaxation. Now I want you to imagine yourself in your bed, can you imagine yourself there?"


"Good. You feel even more relaxed there, after your warm bath and your nice vacation, don't you?"


"Good, it's so easy to use your imagination to see these things isn't it?"


"Are you under the covers or on top of them?"

"Under them."

"Do you sleep naked?"


"It's interesting that in both the three most relaxing places in your life you are naked, don't you think?"


"It would feel so nice right now to be naked, don't you think?"

"Yes." And it would. I was so aware of the irritation of my slacks, and the tightness of my bra. I was so very aware of my jewelry. I just had to get them off, so I could relax.

"I am going to count to three. When I get to three your will open your eyes. You will find this very difficult and annoying, but you will do it. You will stand up and remove every piece of clothing that is bothering you. When you are totally naked you will sit back down, and I will continue to help you to relax. Does that sound okay?"

"Yes." I couldn't understand why he kept yakking, why not just let me get these awful clothes off.

"One, two and three. Eyes open now."

I struggled to open my eyes, they were so heavy and it was hard to focus on anything. They finally opened and I quickly stood up and undid my blouse. I let it drop, and then undid my bra. Travis, being such a nice man, helped me out of my slacks and panties, and then took my glasses from me. He also took my watch, ring and necklace.

Once totally naked I quickly sat back in the chair. Travis then used the lever to lower the back of the chair so I was fully reclined.

"How do you feel now?" he asked.

"Much better. But it's so hard on my eyes."

"Yes, you're eyelids are so heavy. But why don't you try to keep them open anyway?"


"You wanted to know if you could resist hypnosis so if you can resist closing your eyes you know you can. If you can not resist then you know that you have fallen deep into my hypnotic power and you are totally helpless. Do you understand?"

I didn't understand. My eyes were burning with the effort of keeping my eyelids open and he wanted to play games. I didn't care if I could resist them or not. But since he told me to try I decided I wanted to please him, being that he was helping me in his free time.

"Okay." I agreed.

"Say it. Say, 'If I close my eyes I am helplessly hypnotized.'"

"If I close my eyes I am helplessly hypnotized."

"Good. Your eyes are now too heavy to keep open. Closing, closing and closed."

My eyes shut, and I sank backwards so happy.

"Now one last little imagining game, okay?"

"Okay." I sighed, hoping it would be something great.

"I want you to picture yourself totally relaxed, totally naked on in a chair. Can you see it now?"


"Where are you?"

"In a trailer."

"What colour is the chair you're in?"


"Are you alone?"


"Who else is there?"


"Me? And what am I doing there?"

"Hypnotizing me."

"Do you think you can resist me hypnotizing you?"


"But you don't want to, do you?"


"Good. That's so very good. Now just clear your mind of all thoughts completely. Just listen to my voice and think of nothing. From this point forward you will not remember anything that happens."

Travis was smiling at me when I awoke.

"I'm naked." I said, as if it was a simple observation like 'We've been having some nice weather lately' or 'I like ice cream.'

"Yeah, why aren't you upset about that?" he asked.

"I don't know. Why aren't I upset about that?"

"Because I've been able to alter your perception slightly through hypnosis. You don't feel that you need to be clothed around me. If someone else walked into the trailer you'd have a bit of a problem with it, but just you and me it's okay."

"Yeah, I guess it's okay."

"You are amazingly beautiful by the way."


"Now what can you remember?"

"Everything up to when you said that I couldn't remember anymore."

"How did it feel obeying me?"

"So good. And it was weird. When you made me realize that I more relaxed when I'm naked it just seemed like the natural thing to do was to take off all of my clothes. I didn't even think about resisting because that would have been silly."

"Excellent. You are a very good subject. Now when you tried to keep your eyelids open, you couldn't could you?"

"But I didn't want to anyway. I just felt that the whole thing was silly, and the sooner they were closed the better off I'd be."

"Helplessly hypnotized?"

"Yeah. That bit you snuck in there."

"Now this is a good time to talk about post-hypnotic suggestions. Those are suggestions that are given while you're in trance but you don't carry out until after you've awoken. They can be set off by a simple trigger event, word or phrase. For example you are programmed to do something special on not the first, but the second time I say the phrase 'helplessly hypnotized.'"

The moment he said that my eyes locked onto his pelvis. I had to suck his cock, was the only thought in my mind. I quickly fell to my knees in front of him and began to fumble with his zipper.

"Stop." He said.

Suddenly the desire totally left me. I returned to my seat, confused and embarrassed.

"What were you thinking?"

"I had to suck you cock?"


"I don't know. I just did. I know that sounds stupid, but it's how I felt."

"That's a post-hypnotic suggestion. I planted it and when the phrase I decided on was spoken by me twice, you followed your programming. Now the last thing I want to show you is a trance trigger. This is a phrase, a movement or a word that will quickly and easily put you back into a hypnotic trance. Yours just happens to be when I say the word 'bubbles'."

With that my eyes suddenly felt so heavy. My whole body felt heavy in fact. I felt myself falling forward, but he caught me and guided me back into the recliner. Once my head touched the cushion my eyes shut and...

I awoke and he had a large safety pin in his hand. I was no longer sitting in the reclining chair, but I was sitting beside him by the table.

"Good, you're doing so well you know. Now we're going to try another aspect of hypnosis. This is what dentists and doctors use it for, to help you feel no pain. Now you're in a light trance now. You may sort of notice that everything is a little fuzzy, but you can respond so well to my suggestions, can't you?"

"Yes I can." I replied. I did feel fuzzy, there was like a cloud in my head. I felt like I was just sort of drifting. It was like being stoned, but even more so.

"Good, now I want you to put your left arm in this pale of ice water." He said gesturing to the table. There sat a pale of ice-cold water.

I plunged my arm into it.

"Good. Now as I count to three your left arm is going to become cold, numb and sensless. It will have no feeling what so ever, do you understand?"


"Good, just let the ice-cold water numb your arm. One, two and three. Totally numb, no feeling what so ever. Now take it out and put it on the table."

I complied. He then stuck the pin deep into my arm. I watched amazed that I didn't feel a thing. Then he withdrew it, and blood began to come from the spot that he punctured.

"When I count to three you will be totally awake, and have total feeling in every part of your body. One, two and three."

Suddenly the cloud lifted and my arm hurt like hell. I started to tear up because of the pain.

"See how the body can be tricked into not registering pain. Don't worry it will pass. By the time your eyes shut you won't even notice it. Bubbles."

Everything went dark.

I woke up again, this time in the recliner. I was completely dressed.

"Well how was it?" He asked.

"That's it? Aren't you going to make me have sex with you or anything?" I asked, sort of suspiciously. I had spent a little time on this website with fetish mind control stories. It had sort of been what I feared would happen.

"No, that's sort of what we'd probably call rape. Even if it isn't legally rape, it's pretty close. Like getting a girl drunk to have sex with her, it's not really cool. You know?"

I nodded, "Well thanks a lot. I really appreciate the help."

He smiled, "No problem. Have fun at the party."


Chapter 2: the party

The cab was late picking me up, and so I was nearly an hour late for the party. We pulled up to a giant mansion on the outskirts of town, and I quickly paid the driver, got a receipt and went to the front door.

"Sorry I'm late," I apologized to the door man, "Has everything started?"

"They're all in the dinning room now. I do not know if they've begun. May I ask for your invitation?"

"I don't have one, I was to meet someone here."

"What is your name?" he asked, picking up a clipboard.

"My name is O'Neil."

"Ahh... yes here you are. Unfortunately Mr. Holmes was unable to attend this evening. However you're more than welcome to join the party in progress. If you'll just follow me."

The house was one of those classic mansions that you see on television, like the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. It had high ceilings, long hallways and lots of paintings. At the end of the main hallway were two large double doors, which we went through. They lead to a large ballroom, where about sixty people were seated at tables, in large plush chairs.

"Follow me to your seat please." The doorman said, guiding me through the room.

I noticed that most of the people were looking down at their tables, dazed. I also noticed a soothing voice filling the room, in what sounded like a classic hypnotic script.

I was lead to an empty plush chair beside a young woman whose eyelids were fluttering, as though she was about to fall asleep at any moment.

"Just so you know, I don't want to be hypnotized or anything." I explained to the doorman as he pushed my chair into the table.

"I'm sorry Miss, that is not my concern. Someone will be here shortly to help you." And with that he left.

I noticed that the plates all had spiral designs on them, and were slowly rotating. I looked around the room. The girl beside me had closed her eyes, and let her head fall forward. A young woman stepped up to her and slipped a green pair of stereo headphones on the sleeping girl's head. She then turned to me.

"Hello Miss O'Neil. I'm your facilitator tonight. I'm sorry you're late, but don't worry there is plenty of time the catch up. Here is your hypnotic menu tonight. The courses are on the right, and the fantasies are on the left." She handed me a menu, like in a restaurant.

"I'm sorry there's some mistake. I'm a reporter I just wanted to talk to Mr. Adler. I don't want to be hypnotized. W hat do you mean, fantasies?"

"Oh so nobody has explained? Well you see tonight you get a full course meal. These are your choices here. Actually it's all just plain pasta but once you're under you believe it's lobster. It's actually wonderfully delicious, and less calories too. Now you notice that everyone has coloured headphones either on or in front of them. These correspond to the fantasies that they've chosen. Blue means that they're going to imagine being a romantic pirate adventurer. Red means they're in for a night of passion. Since you're alone you get to select from the singles category here."

"No, I don't want a fantasy. I just want to talk to Mr. Adler."

She smiled, "Oh dear, but I don't think that's possible. He's quite busy you know. Tell you what, just sit here and relax and I'll be right back to see if I can help you. Oh, by the way here."

She handed me a photograph of a dark skinned woman. The woman was obviously sleeping, but she was topless except for a bra and her arms were in a weird position. One was on her hip, and the other was raised straight in the air.

"What's this?"

"This is the position you will take after submitting to the hypnosis. All the ladies will take it. Once you raise your arm someone will be along to help you out of your blouse. Normally we like the guests to wear something more formal, but for efficiency and speed the blouse will do since you're late."

Then she left me.

I looked around the room. Already many of the women were topless and in that bizarre pose. The few men in the room, since it seemed to be predominantly women, were simply slouched over.

I tried to shift around in my chair, to get into an uncomfortable position, so the hypnosis wouldn't affect me. I also tried to block out the voice that filled the room, but soon I found myself listening to it.

"And it's so easy now to find something to fix your eyes on, like your rotating spiral plates, or a shiny piece of cutlery. So easy just to relax and focus your eyes on something. The spiral that captures your gaze, as you fall into it."

I glanced again at the plate in front of me. Suddenly I heard my facilitator's voice behind me, "Notice how you can follow the spiral from the tip all the way to the centre? It's quite amazing, try to follow it to the centre. I did it once, it was quite rewarding. Just try to follow it, into the centre."

"Did you ask for me?"

"Yes. I've been instructed to give you these." She placed a black pair of headphones in front of me, "and this." With that I felt a sharp pain in my arm. I looked away from plate to see her plunging a syringe into my arm. I was about to cry out when a wave of heaviness went through my body.

"What was that?"

"Just a little something so you'll enjoy yourself. It's not nice to come late and be so nosey. Just watch the plate and listen to the voice."

She put her hand on my chin, and guided my gaze back to the spiral. I noticed how it may be possible to follow the spiral right to the middle. I focused on it, but it kept turning and turning and it was so difficult to follow.

"Deeper, deeper. Your eyes are growing so heavy now. So heavy. If you haven't already slipped off into a deep sleep, you soon will. Don't worry; you will all enjoy this at your own pace. Heavier and heavier your body grows. Heavier and heavier your eyes grow." The voice said, calmly.

I felt my whole body slipping away, into that comfortable no place that I had been to with Travis. In a last effort to snap myself out of the coming trance, I managed to knock my glass off the table. My arm then fell to my side, limp and numb. The sound of the glass breaking on the floor seemed far away. Distant. So did the voice. Everything seemed so far away.

I felt my arms unbuttoning my blouse, and then one began to raise as the other went to my hip. When my hand touched my hip the young girl smiled at me, having appeared out of nowhere, and then she placed the headphones on me. I slipped....

"Good morning my dear."

I opened my eyes. I was in the same position, but in a private office. I was sitting in front of a office desk, and on the other side was a young man. He wasn't much older than I was.

"Where am I?"

"You're in my office."

"And you are?"

"Why I'm Mr. Adler. I heard you wanted to talk to me. At first I was somewhat hesitant, but my friend Mr. Holmes assured me that your beauty was worth the time out of my schedule."

"Why am I like this?"

"It's a pose I invented. I quite like it. No other reason really. I'll snap my fingers and you can move freely." He snapped his fingers.

I sat up and quickly did up my blouse.

"You're voice sounds familiar."

"I'm the voice that helped guide you into hypnosis. I used to be a stage hypnotist, until I married rich. Then I inherited rich.

"You wanted to know what a Hypno Party was, didn't you? Well follow me." He walked out of his office, and I quickly followed him. Once in the ballroom all the people who were previously seated were now wandering around in a daze, talking to themselves or to another person but they all seemed lost somehow.

"What's wrong with them?" I asked.

"Nothing at all. They're all living out their selected fantasies, either with a partner or alone. In their minds they're sailing the seas, or climbing K-2 or making out with their high school sweetheart. They may look a bit odd to us who are awake, but trust me they're very happy."

"What's the point of this?"

"The party? Ego massage I guess. Having a roomful of people wandering around under your control is pretty uplifting. Money too. They all will donate generously to my various funds, which simply launder the money back into my pockets. Plus I find it useful to have a certain class of people under my control."

"What do you mean, under your control?" I asked.

He smiled at me, "You want a demonstration?"

He walked up to a young black girl in a white dress dancing with a older man. He placed his hand on the both of their shoulders, "Sleep now, deeper and deeper listening to my voice. What is your name dear?"

"Janet." The girl said.

"Very good. Janet you are so relaxed right now you'd do anything I suggested, wouldn't you?"


"Good. Remove all of your clothing, quickly now."

Without opening her eyes she undressed.

"Now Janet I want you to open your eyes. You will follow my lovely guest and me. Soon my guest will be as naked as you are. When that occurs you will very happily be on hand to provide oral stimulation to her clitoris. Do you understand?"


She opened her eyes.

"So you made her strip and she'll give me a blow job or something if I undress?"

"Yes. But it's simply a demonstration. Imagine having this power over the next generation of lawyers, politicians and stockbrokers. That's why I pick young people, they're easier to influence, and in a few years they'll be running things. A friend who has already been to one invites everyone here. They're selected for their position in society, or their potential position."

"So why are you telling me this?"

"I realized, when you started asking questions of my stockbroker, that I've been a bit too reclusive. I am surprised nobody has asked about this before. But being rich and somewhat not availed to the press was bound to cause some interest. Someone poking around trying to see if I were Batman at the very least. I decided I need a good publicist. So I looked you up. Your managing editor, who was at my last party, recommended you. You ability to find me so quickly simply confirmed my choice. As did your beauty and suggestibility."

I noticed that I had been following him, without really thinking, and that he had lead the hypnotized Janet and me to a large bedroom.

"Why are we here?" I asked.

"I like your sense of humour. It's really good. Well maybe the naked woman behind you will give you a hint. It's time to see how well she performs."

"I'm not a lesbian."

"Well I'm sure I'll be very happy to give you a bit of cock. However don't give up on the carpet munching yet. Take a look at her beautiful body, isn't it magnificent?"

I turned and looked at the entranced girl. Her brown eyes were vacant, and her arms hung limp at her sides. Her large breasts were firm, and her nipples were erect. My eyes went down her body, to see her pussy glistening with moisture."

"See, she's already. I like to use breasts as induction tools sometimes. Even though you're not a lesbian I bet you can appreciate the sight of those large, firm orbs. Those aroused and erect nipples. It's easy, and pleasant to focus on them, isn't it?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"I bet you're even a bit jealous. She's probably just eighteen, and she's got breasts most men would kill for, and most women would pay for. It's easy to just stare at them, and feel a little jealous. Isn't it?"

"Yeah. They're so nice."

"I bet you have really good breasts too though. Why don't you just undo your blouse, and remove your bra so I can compare."

"Okay." I was feeling weird again. I knew what was going on was wrong, but I couldn't figure out why. Removing my blouse and bra seemed like the best course of action. I wanted to show Alder that my breasts were just as nice as this girl's.

"Excellent. It's so good to just follow along with my suggestions isn't it? Just to act, and not think. It's so good and so relaxing isn't it?"

"Yes it is." I agreed. It was a lot easier, without all that thinking.

"Good. Let me see now. Your breasts are absolutely fabulous. I like them a lot. Your nipples are erect too, hard and excited. Why are they so excited? Why are you so horny?"

"I don't know."

"Maybe it's because you can see this wonderful naked woman. Maybe because very soon she will be licking you into heavenly pleasure. Maybe because pleasing me is so important to you."


"Very very good. She has a nice pussy, don't you think? It's neatly trimmed, and tight too I bet. Plus you can tell she's aroused, because it's very wet. Why don't you just take off all of your clothes, so I can see if your pussy is as good as hers."

I can't rationalize obeying him. I just did it. Not thought process went on, just the removal of my shoes, stockings, skirt and then panties.

"That's so very good. Oh, you're quite wet too I see. Very good. Shaved too, that is a nice touch. I applaud that touch. Why don't you go lay down on the bed? As soon as you do you will feel your body relax completely. But every part of your body will become 100 times more sensitive to touch than it normally is."

I walked to the bed and lay down on it. My body relaxed, and I just lay there gazing up at the ceiling. Janet walked over to me, and climbed on top of me. She began to lick my breasts. Her hands began to massage my clit. It was the most amazing sensation I have ever felt. My body was tingling.

Adler came over and began to talk softly to me. I couldn't follow what he was saying, my body was overwhelming my mind with pleasure, so I don't know what it was he said. But when I came, and I came huge, my eyes grew very heavy and I fell into a deep sleep.

I came to in my bedroom. I tried very hard to remember what had happened since the bed, but nothing came to me. I simply felt the need to write an article praising the Hypno Party experience.

That week, after the article ran, I quit the paper and took a job working for Adler. I realized that pleasing him was all I wanted out of life. I do that now. But we have work to do, he has plans. Big plans.

The end.

Author: Hypno S


The Hypnotist made me a hot smoker!

"Sonofabitch, I'm gonna' be late again," she cursed to herself as she scanned the living enough room floor looking for her missing shoe. "I'm gonna' lose my fucking job if I'm late again." Just then she spotted the conservative, yet attractive black leather shoe in the corner by the fireplace. "Thank God," she said out loud. She retrieved the shoe, and hopping on one foot she tried to slip it on while reaching for her briefcase. Just then the doorbell rang. "You gotta' be fuckin' kidding me!" she said out loud once more, "not now!" She opened the door, and there stood a man...not unattractive, but not exactly stunning, dressed in a sportcoat, dress shirt and jeans. He was carrying a briefcase in one hand, and his other hand was fiddling with something in his jacket pocket. He was quickly taken aback by her beauty and sheer, smoldering sexiness. He had been keeping his eye on her...almost stalking her since the day he spied her in the bookstore. At that moment he knew he had to have her, and at that moment his plan had begun to take shape. He was unprepared, however, for You may wonder how beautiful she would be...How incredible she would smell when up this close.

"Yes? will I help you?" she said, brushing the long, sandy hair from her eyes, looking a little bit annoyed at this disturbance.

"Uhhh, yes!" he said, regaining his composure. "Yes, I'm sorry. are you Ms. Nielsen?" he asked, knowing fair well who she was.

"Yes. I'm Kate Nielsen. And you could be...?"

"My name is Richard, Kate. And I have something for you." His voice was no longer unsure. He then dragged the hand from his jacket pocket revealing a beautiful, jewel encrusted pocket watch. He held it up to eye-level and smiled a sly, knowing smile. Her eyes were the same day drawn to the watch. She noticed And how, you may wonder, the sun glinted off of the jewels and How warm the gold color seemed. As it spun in front of her eyes and began to sway back and forth, she could almost feel herself sway with it. Back and forth, back and

"I'm ssssorrry..." she said, not taking her eyes from the timepiece. "But I havvvve to go...."

"No,'re not going anywhere," Richard said flatly. "You require to invite me inside."

"I want to invite you inside," said Kate in a robotic, monotone voice. Her eyes had now glazed over and her voice was whispered and small. As Richard walked forward, Kate instinctively, if not slowly, stepped backward to let him in.

"You look nice, Kate. Why were you so dressed up?"

"I'm worrrrrk...." she said, her unseeing eyes still on the watch. Richard decided that Kate was sufficiently under and that he no longer needed his hypnotic charm. Slowly he placed it back in his pocket, but Kate's eyes never moved. She just stood there, staring straight ahead, swaying slowly from side to side.

"Oh, no Kate. You're not going to work. You're calling in sick as of this moment." Lowering his voice a bit he added, "isn't that right?"

"Yesss...I'm callllling in sssssick todayyyyyy...."

"And since you're not going to work, you have no need to be dressed up." said Richard. Kate's mind, no longer her own, formed the thought that Richard just placed into her head and it made perfect sense. "You should take off all of your clothes, Kate. You must take off all of your clothes."

"I musssst taaake offf....clothesssss..." she repeated, slowly unbuttoning her business blouse. Richard watched in silence as his beautiful love slave took off her outfit piece by piece. He long imagined How she would look like this; beautiful...naked...entranced. Once her clothes laid in a heap on the floor, Richard slowly approached his prey and gently cupped her breasts in his hands. Her glazed, hypnotized eyes slowly rolled back in her head as she let out a small moan.

"Hmmm...not exactly the ice queen I imagined," he thought to himself. He buried his nose in her hair and nibbled her earlobe before slowly whispering, "now cummmm with me."

He led her to the couch where the end table holding the phone stood. He commanded her to sit, which she did without question. "Now," he said, "it's time for you to call in sick, honey. Do so now." Without looking, Kate robotically picked up the receiver and dialed the number to her place of employment. As she did this, Richard reached down and pulled his throbbing cock from his pants. It had been straining against the zipper since she had fallen under his spell and he couldn't take it anymore. As she stared into nothingness, he stood in front of her, stroking his member while holding it not even a half an inch from her face.

"Helllllo...?" she said, and his cock twitched as her hot breath cascaded over it.

"Kate? Is that you? Where the hell are you?" The female voice on the other end of the phone said, quite curtly.

"I'mmmm sssssick todayyy..." whispered Kate.

"What? What the fuck is wrong with you Kate? Sonofabitch, you've only worked here for two weeks! You may be't do this! I need you here now. First you're late twice in a row, and now you call in sick? Sick!?! You sound drunk! Dammit, Kate, if you will't do this job..." Richard could hear the muffled tones of an ass-chewing coming from the other end of the phone. Gently, he took the phone from Kate's hand and slowly teased her mouth with his cock.

"Open up," he whispered. Cupping his hand over the mouthpiece of the phone he said, "Kate, you need my cock in your mouth. More than anything, you need to suck on my cock. You're greatest need is to make me cum. Do you know?" She began to say "yes," but as his cock entered her lovely, warm mouth it came out as "yemmmph."

Putting the phone to his ear, Richard could hear Kate's boss screaming, "Kate? Kate!?! are you even there anymore? Dammit, Kate?"

"Kate's...ohh shit...Kate's busy right now, bitch," Richard said through throws of pleasure.

"What?!? Who the fuck is this?" The boss said, shocked. But instead of answering, Richard took a small device from his pocket...the opposite one from the watch, and pulled out a device about the same size as a lighter. He held it up to the phone and pressed a small, red button on the top. A small, high pitched squeal emitted from it, traveled using the phone and straight into the ear of Kate's boss. Instantly her pupils dilated, her jaw went slack and her eyes took on a far away, hypnotic look. Oddly enough, where no one would consider this woman very attractive while "on the job," and playing the tough as nails boss, she took on a quite sexy look, staring vacantly and becoming entirely submissive.

"This is your master. Do you completely understand?" Said Richard firmly.

"Yessss...master...I under...stand," said Kate's boss in a decidedly sexy monotone voice.

"Fine," continued Richard. "Now, tell me bitch...what's your name?"

"Ssssandraaa..." she said.

"Well, Sandra, listen to me. You...OH!" Richard shouted as he pulled his cock from Kate's mouth with great urgency. He promptly sprayed the hypno-beauty's face with his hot, sticky cum. What missed her face landed all over her beautiful, pert tits, which she kneaded and tweaked almost instinctively with his man-lubricant. "Shit...ohhh, shit," Richard sighed. "Now...Sandra, were you still there?"

"Yessss, master," was the flat reply.

"Good, then listen to me." He waved his hand slowly in front of Kate's eyes and her furiously kneading hands came to a slow halt as her chin slumped lazily into her chest. She would sleep for a while so he could concentrate on Sandra's orders. "You will listen only to the sound of my voice, and you will do exactly as I say. When I release you from this trance, you will have no recollection of being hypnotized, and all my orders will be carried out as if they were all your concept. Do you realize?"

"Yes, master...I hear...annnnd I....obeyyyy..."

"Right. Now...Kate is your favorite and your best employee...She deserves a large raise...30% should do for now," Richard said as he gazed adoringly on his sleeping slave. "Do you discover?" he followed up, more forcefully.

"Kate issss my....besssst employ...yeeee....sheeee de...deservessss a raisssse..." said Sandra, the new thoughts finding a home in her vacant mind.

"That's right. And whatever she suggests will be the best concept you've ever heard. As a matter of fact, you admire her a great deal...and..." he added wit a sly grin, "you find her the most attractive woman you've ever seen. You could be not attracted to other women, just Kate. She makes you very aroused when you think of her...if you ever get close enough to smell her perfume, it makes you very hot and very wet, isn't that right, Sandra?"

"Oh yessss, master...she makesss me hot....wet...." repeated the no-longer stern boss.

"Fine, fine Sandra...just fine. Now listen to me, when I hang up the phone, you will hang up directly after me. You will then snap out of your trance and you will remember nothing of being hypnotized. You will only remember that Kate called you and told you that she was sick," said Richard. "HOWEVER," he continued, "whenever you hear me say the words 'sleepy-time Sandy' you will the same day fall back into this deep, wonderful trance. Is that understood?"

"Yes, master...'sleeeeepy...timmme...sssssandy...."

"Very well, Sandy. See you quickly." And with that, he hung up, knowing that she would follow his orders. In what way could she not? Ever since his studying abroad in the Orient and Eastern Europe...ever since he studied the science and ideology of hypnosis and mesmerism...ever since he found his magic charm in that little shop in Sarajevo and subsequently built his tiny one was ever able to resist his thrall. Satisfied with a job well done, but not entirely satisfied at present, Richard once again turned his attention onto Kate. "Kate...will you hear me?" Richard asked softly.

"Yesss...I hear you..." she replied into her chest.

"I require you to open your eyes now, but I want you to remain completely asleep and in my power. Do you deeply understand me?"

"I unnnnder....sssstand...." she murmured. And once again Richard waved his mesmerizing hand across her beautiful face. She opened her eyes and stared straight ahead. He immediately began to become hard again, staring at those lips that so recently cradled his cock...looking at those gorgeous eyes, hooded by her half-closed lids.

"Kate, darling, I have a present for you in this suitcase," he said, placing it in her hand. "It is an outfit that I require you to go and put on. There is also a picture inside showing you just How you should wear it, as well as You may wonder how you should prepare your hair and makeup. In the inside pocket could be many special cigarettes. You will take, and you will be smoking one when you come down the stairs. This will not bother you. You were a smoker, do you know?"

"I ammmm...assss...a...ssssmoker...." Kate said, as if it had been true all along.

"You have been smoking since you were 12 years old. You love to smoke. You find it makes you hot to think In what way sexy you were when you smoke. In fact, smoking actually arouses you a little bit. You will always feel like having sex when you smoke, but you will only smoke when I offer a cigarette to you. Is that understood?"

"Yessss...only when you...offfffer..." Damn, but she was sexy when she slurred her words, Richard thought.

"And one more thing. If I offer you a cigarette when you are not in this trance, you will immediately fall back into this state." Richard thought that this would be a good idea if he happened to need her entranced at certain point when his watch or lighter might not be handy.

"I underssssstand," she complied and continued to stare forward, awaiting her next command.

"Very well. Now go and change for your master." And with that, Kate walked silently from the space, suitcase in hand. Richard only had about a minute to revel in his conquest when there was a knock at the door. Looking through the living enough room window, he could see a very attractive woman...a bit older, but very well kept and with an amazing body, standing at the door with a plate of cookies in her hand.

"Kate? were you there?" the woman called out. "I see that your car is in the drive, and I thought that you might not be feeling well!"

"You may wonder how sweet," thought Richard. "Perhaps I should invite her to join our party." He answered the door and could see the immediate shock on the pretty woman's face.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" she started. "Is Kate in?"

"I don't know," Richard said slowly, reaching into his pocket and retrieving his watch. "I think she should be back annnnny minnnnute....annnny minnnnute..." he stressed slowly as the watch danced and swayed in front of the shapely neighbor's eyes. "Perhaps you should come in and reeeeelax a bit...." The plate of cookies fell from the now limp hands of the woman as she began to sway in place, in rhythm with the watch.

"Yessss...." she said in a small voice, "I should commmme innnn....reeee....laaaax...." He slowly made a pulling motion with his fingers in front of her lazy eyes and she almost floated into the space. Closing the door behind her, Richard said,

"What is your name, dear?" Still tracking the watch, she replied,


"Okay, listen to are verrrrry relaxed. Far too relaxed to think anymore. You wish me to think for you, don't you?" Richard asked firmly.

"long think...for me....tooooo...reeelaxxxxed..." She agreed.

"Good. Well, I think that you desire a cigarette. Don't you need a cigarette, Geri?"

"I long a cigarette..." she said, still dazzled by his beautiful watch. Deftly, and with quite a bit of practice, Richard produced a cigarette from a pack in his front pocket while never taking the watch from Geri's stare. He placed it between her full, heavily lipsticked mouth and just as very fast produced a lighter. Lighting it, Geri took a deep drag and let the smoke pour from the sides of her mouth.

"She's done this before," Richard thought, "probably smoked as a kid." But it didn't matter if she had or not. She was his now, and she would smoke, or not smoke for him whenever he pleased from now on. She was his. You see, Richard had a huge supply of cigarettes that he had specially treated with a hypnotic drug. Once smoked, the intended victim was his for good. Geri was now his...his for good. "Now, Geri, Kate won't be downstairs for a while. Before she comes back I would like to 'prepare' you for her arrival. Firstly, of course, you must remove all of your clothing. Do you deeply understand?"

"Yessss, master," she said, cigarette dangling from her lips...beautiful white smoke ribboning around her heavily made-up face. Slowly, just as Kate had done moments earlier, Geri began to strip out of her clothing. Richard's eyes nearly burst from his head, and his cock nearly sprung from his pants as she unhooked her bra. Apparently it was concealing even more than he imagined. A pair of beautiful, round globes sprung from their restraints and bounced gently in place until they finally came to rest. Her nipples...large and erect...pointed damn-near magnetic north.

"Those will't be real," Richard thought. "Who the fuck cares?" he at once thought after. When she was done stripping for him, she stood straight, eyes half closed, swaying in place. Her beautiful face was lightly shrouded in the smoke from her cigarette. Before Richard could decide what to do with her next, Kate came down the stairs and her image made his mind up for him. After he saw her, though, his mind isn' t exactly what made his decisions. There she stood in her black PVC outfit that fit her like a second skin. She had on a collar that attached to the breast area via different types spaghetti thin straps. Her fabulous breasts were covered only from the bottom half of her nipple down, so that Richard could fondle/suckle them without having to remove a stitch of her beautiful costume. The dress ended before her ass did, so there was immediate and straight forward access to her sex, (which he could smell clearly, and her excitement only heightened his). Her boots began at her upper thigh and ended with a pointed toe and 4 ½" heel. Her gloves, starting at her elbow, were also PVC, but softer than the rest, so that when she touched him, and she would touch him, it would be entirely inviting without the addition of any lubricant. The glove of her right hand ended most noticeably at a cork-tipped, smoldering cigarette which she slowly placed to her full lips. Her lips were high-gloss red, as were her nails under the gloves. Her rouge was heavy on her cheeks, and the mascara and eyeshadow, though heavy, complimented her face very well. She had teased her wavy hair a bit higher than she had ever had it, and the heady aroma of her perfume mixed with her juices and smell of her smoke was enough to drive Richard dizzy with desire. Her eyes, though, were what pulled it all together. For although she was dressed entirely as a dominatrix, her hooded, made-up glazed over eyes showed her to be as submissive as a woman could ever be. "Holy Fuck," was all that Richard could say. He then remembered their new visitor, and quickly brought his plan into action. "Geri...sit on the couch," he commanded, and she followed without question. "Now, Kate, sit on the other end of the couch. Do it now." She silently sauntered past him and he caught a heavy whiff of her nearly made him pass out from loss of blood to his brain as his cock screamed to be set free. "Geri...look at Kate. She is the sexiest woman you have ever seen. You have always desired her, but seeing her like this drives you mad with passion. You must stare at her...her breasts...her face...her cannot look away. As you stare, you realize that you need release. You must masturbate for her Geri...masturbate for me...your it now." And with that, Geri's breath became shallow and uneven. She took a long drag on her cigarette, dragged it from he mouth and slowly exhaled as she used the holding hand to pull at her nipples. The other hand was busy trying to find the sweet spot to bring her release. "Now, you will require to, but you must not cum until I say it is alright. Do you understand, Geri?" said Richard.

"Yessssss...." she whispered through smokey lips, back arched, and nipples erect as her eyes stayed fixed on Kate.

"Now, Kate," said Richard, "Do you remember what you did for me earlier?"

"Yessss masssster...I gavvvve you hhhhead..." she replied, and then took a drag from her cork-tip, which now had a lipstick mark on it that Richard found incredibly sexy.

"That's right, slave, you did. And you did very well. Now, however, I need you to give me a 'smokey blowjob.' Do you completely understand? I desire you to enjoy your remember And how, you may wonder, you enjoy your smokes...enjoy your smoke as you give me the best blowjob of your life. It is the most critical thing in the world to you that I be pleased, so this must be the best blowjob you could ever give. You would like that, wouldn't you." Kate's gaze, still vacant, changed a bit as her eyes rolled in her head. Smoking turned her on...pleasing her master turned her on...she was in hypnotic heaven.

"Yessss masssster....pleeeeezzzzz you...." she said, and then exhaled a warm cloud of smoke that made Richard's stiff member twitch in front of her as he dragged it from his pants. She began to tease his cock, suckling the tip for a moment. She then took a long, long drag from her smoke and before exhaling, she took the entirety of his cock into her wanting mouth, smoke pouring over it and out the sides.

"Unnnnnh," Richard grunted.

"Ooooh," cooed Geri as she watched on wantingly. Her throws of passion as she rocked back and forth on her own slender, groping fingers was almost too much for Richard to bare as he gazed down at his beautiful original conquest. He was amazed at In what way Kate could pause for a drag of her cigarette while never leaving his cock wanting for attention. Without instruction she knew to keep it going with her soft, gloved fingers. She had to have done this before, he thought, but honestly cared very little. The aroma from her pussy was growing stronger by the moment, and he suddenly realized that while he was reaping the rewards of this hypno-smoke job, and Geri was reaping the rewards of the beautiful vision of Kate, Kate couldn't get off without a little help.

"Juh...Geri..." Richard grunted, trying to hold off the inevitable.

"Oooh...yesss, muh...masssster...." she cried, frigging herself furiously now.

"I long you to come over here and lay down between Kate's legs. You will smell the musky odor of her pussy and you will have to have it. You will not be able to resist. You will continue to smoke, you will continue to jack off, but....OH!" Kate was certainly incredible at this. "But you will lick Kate's pussy and enjoyment her as only a woman could know How. Do this for me right...unnnh...right now." Geri slowly, robotically, removed her fingers from her pussy and eased her way between Kate's legs. As she positioned herself below Kate's pussy, Richard could no longer see her face. He knew what she was up to, though, as a plume of smoke erupted from Kate's crotch. Kate's hypnotized eyes suddenly became very wide, and as soon as Geri's obviously skilled cunnilingus started, Kate's blowjob became even more intense...even more purposeful. Her eyes closed and her body shuddered as she bobbed up and down on Richard's rock-hard shaft. Under his own cries and Kate's moans of enjoyment, he could hear Geri groaning as she continued to pump her dripping wet pussy. "Oh...okay, Geri...cuh...cuh...cummmm now!" He commanded. No sooner did the words come out and Geri's legs stiffened and shook. A scream was let loose in Kate's already tingling pussy, and Kate instinctively swallowed the whole of Richard's manhood. She, too, was cumming. Richard dragged his cock from her mouth just in time to spray the both of them with more cum than he had ever produced before. It covered Kate's face and tits once more, but it also gave Geri, who was still below him, a creamy white shower all over those massive, beautiful, natural breasts. Richard made sure to clothe Kate in PVC so that just this sort of thing could be easily wiped off, but he couldn't help but admire How sexy the pearly white substance looked against her shiny black bodysuit.

Regaining his composure, as well as catching his breath, Richard told both beauties to sit side by side on the couch. He then waved his hands over them and intoned, "sleeeeeeeeep." Once again their bodies went limp and their heads slumped to their chests.

"Kate, Geri, listen to me. I am going to leave now. When you hear the door close, you will both get dressed. Kate, you will placed on a pair of pajamas, as you are home sick from work. Geri, you will then go back to your own home. You will both get into your own beds and fall into a deep, deep sleep for one half of an hour. When you awaken, you will have no memory of this ever occurring. Geri, you never made cookies, and you never came over o Kate's house. Neither of you will remember meeting me. You will merely remember that you felt tired and needed a nap. You will awaken refreshed and feeling wonderful. Kate, you will feel as though you will return to work tomorrow. And Kate, you no longer have to worry about being late. You were your company's finest employee." Kate broke out into a slight grin when she heard these words. "Now, eventually I will come to visit you both again. It might be at work, it might be at home. It can be just about anywhere. The fundamental thing is, you will not recognize me, but you will find me incredibly attractive. If I approach you, you will not shy away. If either of you hear me say the words, 'Solo-Alpha-Beta,' you will fall quickly into my power and subject to my commands once more. you both completely understand me?" Richard spied both sleeping women and they said, in unison,

"Yesssss massssster."

"Perfect," he replied as he unrumpled his clothing and put himself back in order. He made certain that he had both his watch and lighter in their appropriate pockets, retrieved his suitcase from the upstairs bedroom and took one more look in the living room where his hypno-dolls still sat, swaying ever so slightly. "This is going to be a whole LOT of fun," he thought to himself. "Pleasant dreams, my beauties," he whispered as he walked out the front door, ending this day, but setting his future plans in motion.

She sat behind her desk as she did every day. Typing on her computer, just like every day, she crossed and uncrossed her legs under her modest length skirt. As she checked her files, she absent-mindedly tapped at her teeth with her pen. Her teeth were beautiful...the showcase of her smile behind her glossy red/pink lips. Her glasses had slid halfway down her nose and the computer screen she was currently working on reflected off the contemporary style lenses. She had her beautiful blonde hair up, and in her mind that made her look more professional. Truth to explain, though, it only served to bring more attention to the creamy skin of her gorgeous neck, and the ribbons of hair that fell in front of her ears made one ache to nibble on the sensitive pink lobes. She looked like this every day. He knew this, too. For, every day he would find an excuse to come into the bank and steal a glance at Ms. Shauna Ellis, Bank Manager. TODAY, however, he had finally mustered up the courage to come into her office. This, of course, meant that now would decidedly not be like any other day.

"Ms. Ellis?" said Richard as he gently tapped on her open door, breaking her concentration. She looked up from the computer screen, righted her glasses and considered the man standing in the doorway to her office. He was fairly tall, well-built and in his early to mid-thirties. He wore a sport coat, nice shirt and jeans. He wasn't strikingly handsome, but not unattractive either. All in all he was pleasant enough to look at without calling unnecessary attention to himself. He walked in...almost strutted...closing the door behind him. Shauna found this a bit odd, but made no real mental note of it.

"Oh, Mr. Greene, I've been expecting you," she said, smiling that incredible smile that made her face come to life. She stood, straightening her skirt and extending her long, slender fingers to shake his hand. He took his hand in hers and held it firmly...not shaking it, just holding it as he also held her gaze. Just as the firmness of his grip would not relent, neither would his gaze falter. Both unblinking, she found herself falling into his ice-blue eyes. Thoughts of what she was just doing, where she was...even who she was seemed to melt away into the deep pools of his eyes.

"Yes, I believe you have," he said abruptly, and blinking heavily Ms. Ellis snapped herself back to the present. Flushed and a little embarrassed, she motioned for Richard to sit in the chair across from her desk.

"So, Mr. Greene," she began.

"Richard," he corrected her.

"Yes, Richard," she smiled, "and you may call me Shauna. Richard, I understand that you are interested in securing a loan."

"Well, something like that," he answered, grinning a warm but sly grin. "I'm sorry about having to come so late, but my, um, commitments wouldn't allow me to get away any sooner."

"Oh, that's fine, Richard. The bank might be closing in a moment, but my staff and I are here for at least a couple of more hours. We could be dedicated to customer service here, so staying a little late is the very least that I may be do for you."

"Yes," he thought, "and it will be the very least that you will do for me."

"There's one thing that I can't deeply understand, though. Why is it that you wanted to speak to me about a loan? You know, we do have loan counselors who would be more than happy to work with you."

"Oh, I believe that everything will become clear as our, well, our session continues." Once again, Richard grinned and stared deep into the lovely eyes of Ms. Ellis.

"Ooookay..." she said, drifting slightly before shaking her head clear. "This is an appalling lot of wealth that you were interested in, Richard. Do you have any collateral?"

"Well, I do have this," Richard said as he slowly reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a crystal about the size of a small plum. Shauna's eyes the same day found their way to the gem in his hand as the light began to bounce off of it and reflect in her glasses. Her mouth opened slightly as if to say something, but the words wouldn't come. For a moment she considered looking away, but that thought faded very fast. She began trying to determine what color it was...was it blue, purple, green? It was all of those as he rotated the crystal in his hand. It reminded her of ice, but it was oddly warm at the same time...she was relaxed as she gazed upon the crystal.

"Whaaaaat doinnng?" she slurred.

"I'm showing you my collateral, Shauna. Isn't it pretty? Don't you lovvvve looking at it?" he answered softly, yet firmly.

"Ohhh, yessss...." she whispered, lips still slightly parted as her eyes took on a glazed look.

"Now, Shauna, I'm going to count to three. When I finish, you will close your eyes, but you will continue to see the crystal in your mind. The only thing you will be able to see is the crystal, and the only sound you will hear is my voice. You will listen to my voice and you will do exactly as I say. Do you know?"

"I will sayyy..." he words were light and slurred.

"very" her eyelids drooped halfway. "Two..." she began to blink slowly and heavily. "Three." Her eyes slammed shut and her chin fell to her chest. She was his. "excellent, Shauna, excellent. Now, may be you hear me?"

"Mmmmm..." she agreed.

"My thoughts were your thoughts, Shauna. Your will is gone. You will obey nothing but the sound of my voice. I am your master, do you learn me?" Richard intoned.

"Yessss masssster," she said in a monotone voice that made Richard's cock jump despite himself.

"Beautiful," he said. "Now, tell me Shauna, are there any cameras in this office?"

"Nuh, nooo...pruh...private...offfffisssss...." she said, seemingly whispering into her beautiful, perfect breasts.

"That's nice. Do you eliminate the rest of the cameras in this bank, Shauna?" He asked as he took her in...peaceful...sedate...overwhelmingly sexy.

"Yessss...cummmm...puter..." she said.

"very good," he smiled. "Now, I desire you to open your eyes, but remain completely asleep. Do it now," he said, and her head slowly lifted, her eyes half open. "I wish you to shut down all of the cameras in the bank. I long you to do so without raising suspicion or alarm. will you do that?"

"Yes, master," she said robotically, as her fingers slowly found their way around her computer keyboard. A few keystrokes and a few beeps later, her hands once again fell limp at her sides.

"Is it done, Shauna?"

"Yessss, issss done."

"Wonderful. Now, I have a little piece of business to attend to, so for now I wish you to sleeeeeep," he said as he slowly waved his hand in front of Shauna's face. Her head once again sagged down into her chest and she let out a small, sexy sigh. Richard then opened the briefcase he had brought with him and removed a small metal canister. It looked like one of those oxygen bottles a gread deal of people use at home when they could be sick or have asthma. He positioned the spout into the vent near the baseboards in Shauna's office and turned the little blue handle at it's top. A small "sssssss" escaped from the bottle and Richard smiled knowingly. He parted the blinds with the index finger of his right hand and watched the show that he had put into play. There were 4 tellers and a security guard standing out on the floor. All of the tellers were counting the wealth in their drawers and the security guard, hands in his pockets, stared at his surroindings absently. All at once, they seemed to realize that something was amiss. They stopped what they were doing and looked about them for about 3 seconds before the hypno-gas took effect. Then they all slowly swayed in place, limbs going limp and they slowly collapsed to the floor. It was almost as if they floated on a cloud of the gas as they all lightly touched down on the bank's carpet. Richard smiled. He had invented this gas himself and was completely immune to it's effects, but he was the only one, and that was exactly In what way he liked it. He closed the blinds and turned around to focus his attention once more on Shauna Ellis.

"Shauna, I desire you to once again open your eyes. Remember, you must remain asleep. Do it now." She quickly complied and waited for her orders. "Shauna, do you smoke?" Richard asked.

"Nnnnno...." she replied.

"Why not, Shauna?" he asked as he produced a pack of cigarettes and lighter from his pocket.

"Not...gooood ffffor youuuu...dirrrrty...haaabit..." she said, emotionless.

"Listen to me, Shauna...listen to the voice of your master. Smoking is sexy. You love being sexy. Therefore, you love to smoke. Smoking turns you on. When you have a cigarette in your mouth, it reminds you of And how, you may wonder, much you like having my cock in your mouth and that arouses you even makes you wet. You dream of being able to both smoke and suck my cock at the same time...that is your greatest you learn me?" Shifting in her seat at the rush of enjoyment she began to feel at this new fantasy, Shauna smiled dreamily and whispered,

"Mmmmm, yesssss...." Richard produced a cigarette from the pack and gently grazed Shauna's lips with the cork tip...her lipstick rubbing off a bit on the end and she gasped.

"Here's your cigarette, Shauna. You need your cigarette, don't you?"

"Yesss....sssmoking....sssssexy..." she cooed, crooning her neck to reach the cigarette. Richard placed it between her lips, flicked on the lighter, and brought it to the tip of her mini-fallis to life. She dragged on the smoke hungrily as if she had been smoking for years. Under the thrall of his hypnosis she did not hesitate, she did not cough. She loved to smoke...she loved to smoke. When she took the cigarette from her lips she snapped a speedy french inhale, paused and let out a thick cloud of beautiful white smoke that danced around her head for what seemed to be forever. Unable to resist any longer, Richard unzipped his pants and took out his rock hard cock. Stroking slowly as he watched, he asked her,

"You like that, don't you, Shauna?"

"Yesssssss...." she sighed, eyes rolling slightly into her head, whisps of smoke still escaping her lips. Richard thought he might just lose it and blow his load right here. It took all his will to keep that from happening as he asked,

"What do you desire even more than your smoke, beautiful?"

"Ohhhh, masssster....your cock..." she said and took another deep, deep drag.

"Good girl, Shauna. Now, if you honestly long my cock, you will do something for me. I long you to take off your glasses, unbutton your blouse and take out your tits. Do it now." She removed the cigarette from her lips and let the smoke slowly drift out as she ever so slowly began to unbutton her business shirt. She then reached behind her, unclasped her bra and let those incredible breats spill out in front of her. She instinctively massaged them, cigarette in hand, pausing slightly over the nipples as she moaned a soft, subtle sound of enjoyment. Richard had to remove his hand from his cock or he would never make it, he thought. "Oh God," he began. "Okay, Shauna, now one more thing...spread your legs." She did so and he could see that she was wearing panties with garters holding up her nylon stockings. "Well, well...not all that conservative," he thought to himself. "Now, remove your panties and illustrate to me that beautiful pussy."

"Mmmm..." was all she could say as she followed her master's orders. When she was done, Richard walked up to her, his cock perfectly mouth level, and began to softly prod her smoky red lips with the head, which was already wet with pre-cum.

"Take a drag on your smoke, Shauna," he said and once again the blaze of orange from the tip of her cigarette lit up her face. She slowly exhaled onto his shaft and he lost all control. He placed one hand on his cock, the other on the back of her head and eased his cock all the way into her mouth. The remaining smoke poured out the sides of her mouth as she moaned in ecstasy. Looking down he could see that her hand that wasn't holding her cigarette was furiously working her clit...her eyes had completely rolled back into her head and she fed hungrily on his cock. The more she sucked, the more she smoked. The more she smoked, the harder she masturbated. She moaned and smoked and her head bobbed up and down...those curly strands of blonde hair swaying to her rhythm. "Oh, SHIT!" Richard screamed as he pulled his cock from her mouth. Smoke still drifted from her lips as he held his cock level with her face and sprayed her with his hot, pearly white cum.

"Ohhhh....ohhh...OH!" she cried, cumming as soon as the warmth and wetness hit her face. She tensed and shook, and then all at once her body relaxed. "Mmmm..." she said once more as she brought the cig back to her now-sticky lips. Richard waited for her to finish her drag before he waved his hand in front of her face again and intoned,

"Sleeeeep." Her whole body went limp and her face lost all expression. The smoke drifted lazily from her parted lips. "Okay, harm eliminate," thought Richard as he began to clean up Shauna's office as well as Shauna herself. When everything and everyone was back in order, he commanded Shauna to once again open her eyes, but, again, to remain asleep. "I have a gread deal of instructions for you, dear," he said, taking a sheet of paper from his briefcase. "These are instructions for you to remove three dollars from everyone member's account in your bank. You will route all the money to my bank account, the number of which is noted at the top of the page. The instructions further demonstrate to you How to do this without detection from any employee at the bank or from any federal investigator. This will give me approximately 475,000 dollars. Although this is a lot of money, this will not be strange to you. As a matter of fact, you will remember that I am one of your bank's most valued members. Do you realize?"

"Yessssss..." she said. "Mossst...valued...member..." the double meaning of this made Richard smile despite himself.

"When you could be done with this task, you will immediately forget ever having done so. You will have no memory of the event. If you learn your orders, you can begin now." She processed her master's orders for a moment and once again she let her painted fingernails tap upon her keyboard. When she was done, the computer beeped once and she said,

"It issss done...massster...I willl...fffforget...." and her eyelids fluttered for a few seconds.

"Very well. Shauna, I desire you to listen to me, as this is very very important. When you could be not in a trance, you will find me very attractive. I am the most attractive man you have ever seen. As a matter of fact, you will find man other than me in the least bit attractive. If I make any overtures towards you, you will accept them willingly and happily, do you discover?"

"Willllllinglllleeeee..." she said. "Yessss, master."

"You will smoke only when I offer you a cigarette. You will not remember being a smoker until I do so, do you understand? And when I do this, you will quickly fall back into this submissive, trance state."

"Smooooke...only for...youuu..." she understood. Then, thinking that this may not always be smoking laws and all, he added,

"And if you ever hear me say the words, 'smoke my cock,' you will also fall into this beautiful trance. Do you know?"

"Yesss, master...ssssmoke...your...cock..." and her legs crossed and uncrossed at the thought.

"Good girl, now come with me," and he led her out onto the bank floor. Surveying the sleeping tellers and snoozing guard, Richard announced, "You will all stand for me right now!" And all of the employees rose to their feet, swaying slightly, staring through glazed, unseeing eyes. "I am going to leave now. The guard will lock the door behind me. When you hear the click of the lock, you will all awaken. You will have no memory of being hypnotized. All you will remember will be that there was a short power outage. You were unable to do your jobs, so you passed the time talking pleasantly amongst yourselves. When the lock wakes you up, it will be as if the lights have just come back on. You will resume your duties as if nothing other than this has happened, and you will go about your day. Do you discover?"

"Yessssss...." they all said together, making a slight hissing sound with their slurred speech. Turning to Shauna he added,

"And you will turn the cameras back on. You will not realize you were doing it, though. You will believe that you are just checking to see if they were functioning. Once you have them back on, you will be satisfied with the fact that they could be in working order, and you, too, will go about your day. Do you discover?"

"Yesss, master," she replied, swaying back and forth on her heels. Unable to resist, Richard gave her one last deep kiss before he made his way to the door. He knew that he would see her tomorrow. He had already planned that. Now, however, he would meet her not only as her master, but also as a rich, rich man.

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