Slave Hypnosis and Hypnotic Slave training

Slave Hypnosis and Hypnotic Slave training   will teach you how to do all the things below and more.  It is easy to Learn fast and the women go crazy over the intense pleasure they receive and the freedom they have in all other areas of their life. 

If you have a wife, lover, or girlfriend or simply want one of them learn how to control a woman through absolute Pleasure. 

Feel the Confidence of being the man who can give her total pleasure anytime anywhere and works best with strong decision making women.

Learn how to achieve sexual fulfillment with the kind of man you have always wanted.

Women always love to fuck the bad boys and enjoy the thrills of a hot lover but seldom does the relationship last.

Women will marry the nice guy as a companion and friend but long for the bad boy that treats them like the slut they really are deep inside,

Women are powerful sexual creatures with deep, strong and powerful needs that need to be fulfilled.

If you are the nice guy then they may live with you but long for the hot sex of the bad boys even though they are ass holes that treat them badly and really do not care about them.

Women have a need to be submissive it is hard wired into them.

The smarter the woman the more decisions she has to make the more release she needs.

She needs some one to take control of her NOW and teach her how to respond mentally and physically like even the bad boys could NEVER make her do.

Even nice guys can do this

You can learn to be a Hypnotic Master very quickly and gain the respect, love and admiration of any woman you are with.


 Imagine what a woman who was already hard wired to be submissive would do if you could unlock the power of her sexually charged body and give her the most intense orgasms that she could imagine.

What would a woman want and need to do for the man who could make her cum on command and vary the intensity of the climax by his voice alone.

You do not even need to touch the woman to make her feel this, she could be washing dishes or making your morning coffee and give her an intense orgasm either as a reward or as a punishment and make her work as she experiences total pleasure.


What would a woman do for a man willingly and faithfully to please the man who can get inside her head and body and give her that much pleasure?  ANYTHING perhaps?



Warning DO not make her orgasm while she has a pot of hot coffee in her hand or bringing her master a cup in her hand.  The results can be bad as the orgasm hits her she could be burned. Always consider the safety of your slave when you trigger the orgasm.



·         Make your woman come continuously for as long as you want. (Hour long orgasms!)

·         Give her multiple orgasms! (As many as she can stand, and then a few more!)

·         Give her an Instant Orgasm On Command! (Come NOW!)

·         Beginner's Tantra. (Continuous ecstasy the very first time!)

·         She will have orgasms when she gives you a BJ!

·         Bring her orgasms to "beyond orgasm!" with Chakra techniques. (Nothing will ever compare again.)

·         Give her orgasms from anal sex!

·         Give her orgasms when you spank her!

·         Her First Vaginal Orgasm, using hypnosis!

·         For the fun of it, make it her reality that She's a Virgin Again!

·         Give her an orgasm when you count to 10!

·         Give her an orgasm, "Like In A Dream".

·         Empower her to Super Responsiveness

·         The Rape Fantasy. Finally, make it absolutely REAL for her, not just make believe.

·         And if that's not enough, how about the really far out stuff...
Give her an orgasm with just your energy! (No touch, no sound, only your energy!)


  I have been teaching women to enjoy their bodies for many years and how to get the most out of life through being submissive or a slave either part or full time but after taking the training Mark Cunningham gives I was astonished, His Pleasure Training techniques were so good I was living in the backwaters of the Universe and in a small puddle compared to the ocean of enjoyment and Pleasure that can be had by both Master and Slave or Dom and sub but this video skirts around some because it is public but does show what the training can be about and what you can learn. He only trains a few and if you are a bad boy he can and will kick you out of class.  He wants you to complete the training and be an expert.  He does not care if you wish to be an expert Master or an expert ,hot, loving, and deeply satisfied person being a slave either part or full time.

  • You can make a woman orgasm by touching her nose! Here's how it's done.
  • The High Paid Escort Fantasy -- How to get your woman to play the ultra-naughty role of a high paid hooker! 
  • What to do if your girlfriend won't let you hypnotize her!
  • How to use the 7 Chakras as a trance induction. She can't resist because women love the feelings they get from Pleasure Training.
  • The RIGHT WAY and the wrong way to give sexual hypnotic suggestions 
  • The true erotic story of a woman's very first vaginal orgasm, including every hypnotic command to make it happen! 
  • Learn the 3 stages of Sexual Orgasm
  • The long sustained Orgasm held for as long and you and your partner want it
  • Rapid multitple orgasms that you can vary in intensity with your voice
  • Using energy to make the ultimate orgasm that will drive them to an out of body experience
  • How to use hypnosis to get your woman to desire and want anal sex with you... and LOVE IT!
  • The Super Sneaky way to give your woman dreamy hypnotic orgasms while she sleeps!
  • A truly unique way to give a woman orgasms that she won't be able to describe with words! 
  • How in hypnosis your woman will bring her most secret TABOO into your sex play! 
  • By using trance, you can easily give your woman multiple bed shaking orgasms and have her attack you like a cat in heat.
  • How to set AUDIO ANCHORS you can use to give her a full mind-body orgasm... Anywhere! Anytime you want!
  • And MUCH, much more!

·  How to give a woman a 'taste' of hypnotically enhanced sensations. Once you do... she will NEVER say no to a second opportunity with you!

·  A totally unique way of using rapport to bring out a woman's sexuality!

·  How you can use hypnotic techniques to stretch out sex and make it as erotically intense as possible. (You'll be amazed at what is possible for a woman, and how much she will love you for taking her there!)

·  Mark's sneaky method of conditioning with pleasure that turns your woman into a hurricane of horniness!

·  The critical first-step to using the powerful tools of sexual hypnosis with your wife or girlfriend. (Get this wrong and she may say no!)

·  Easy ways you can use hypnosis to help women get out of their cultural programming and do something really wild with you!

·  The fun way to amplify a woman's 'hard wiring' with simple hypnotic suggestions and light up her whole body with only the sound of your voice.

·  The simple secret to conversational hypnosis you can use to get any woman to tell you everything you need to seduce her!

·  How to get any woman EXCITED about being hypnotized so she will literally beg you by saying "Hypnotize me now!"

PS do not trigger an orgasm over the phone while she is driving a vehicle it is dangerous give her a break wait till she gets home and watch the pleasure she has at your command.























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